Tuesday 2 February 2016

Brigade Models - No Polish Vehicles.

Brigade Models has released three new vehicles.


Two are fire-support variants with a heavier gun in a fixed superstructure. The ‘Mlotek’ model has a short barrelled howitzer, while the ‘Lucznik’ model has a high-velocity light anti-tank gun.


The third new model is the ‘Szlachta’, an armoured command vehicle.

All three variants are on our website now.

SF15-1303f – Suwalska ‘Szlachta’ Command Vehicle – £8.00 
SF15-1303g – Suwalska ‘Lucznik’ Anti-Tank – £8.00 
SF15-1303h – Suwalski ‘Mlotek’ Fire-Support – £8.00

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