Wednesday 8 April 2009

FREE TRADERS: Part 1 - Characters & Stats

The crew of DROPSHIP HORIZON present the first installment of our Quick and Dirty (QuaD) character based Sci Fi rules:


Over the coming Easter Weekend we will be posting Characters, Stats, Patrons, Combat rules and Missions. Enjoy! A pdf with the consolidated rules will be available in the near future.


Five beat-up but lived-in crew and four passengers of the MSV Upland Goose form an uneasy alliance as they attempt to find their way in the cosmos in a dented Free Trader they call home until a better one comes along.


Captain Evan"Mal" Evans

Big Goram Hero - 4 dice to do anything (not tech stuff), strong, tough, brawler

Formerly a Colour Sergeant in 45 Drop Commando. Served in the Patagonia Campaign until the Centralist Coalition withdrew it's support - for which he blames the NAC. Fought on alongside the Colonists until the Battle of Overrun. Now owns MSV Upland Goose a Migration Class Free Trader. Armed with a MilSpec-NewTech pistol; his loyal sidekick is......


Big Goram Hero - 4 dice to do anything ( ditto Evans) , tough, dexterity

She served as a Corporal with Evans in 45 Drop Commando and shares both his politics and morale compass; originated from The Bay Arcology in New Cardiff. Her weapon of choice is a cut down MilSpec shotgun carbine. Married to......


3 dice but 2 with guns, 4 with pilot/computers/vehicles

A Hawaii shirt salesman, conscripted into the Star Marine Fighter Corps and bribed his way into Flight School, emerging as Top Gun with a dinosaur fixation. On acquisition trips, he dresses and acts like a C18th sea pirate! ArrRRR! He's armed but only just, with a Mauser 5.56 recoiless minigun which thinks sounds cool.


3 Dice - 4 with guns / melee - Big Goram Hero, tough, brawler

A man called Sue may not surprisingly have a chip on his shoulder. Sue is fixated by guns; his current favourite is a .48 Tornado VI NewTech assault sniper carbine with Rail Extension V and explosive flechette rounds. Despite being a hard man, he hopes for a kindly smile, a soft word and understanding, so every now and then just watches......


3 dice, 2 with guns, 4 with engines or to distract guards

An innocent, sweet looking ship's engineer with a taste for engines, engine oil and engineers (in that order); she can get anything moving at any time. She has a "LadyCommando" autopistol but prefers to get uo close and personal with a monkey wrench. She is sweet on......

Dr Hugh

2 dice but 4 for medical/computers

A brilliant surgeon in a sharp suit, he is scared of guns, girls and government agents. Armed with a .25 pocket pistol which he can't use, he is probably quite dangerous with a scalpel if cornered. His sister is......


2 dice until she "switches on" via a quality roll then shes a Big Goram Hero for any combat skill.

A waif like, sexually enigmatic teenager who is barking mad, a walking encyclopdeia and lethal weapon rolled into one! Sought after by government agents she is protected by her brother and......

Samuel J "Preacher" Johnson

3 dice but 4 with bluffing or computers

An itinerant priest, "Dont mistake me for your usual kind of 'preach'. For mine is a jealous god. The Good Book says that thou shalt not kill; but i say, if you really, absolutely have to, then you kill every gorram mofo in the cockpit". He has a compact combat shotgun and is concerned for the soul of......


2 dice but 4 for diplomatic stuff, 3 in melee, bow is 4 dice within a handspan

A former high class call girl on Central, she now runs a holistic massage service and nail bar in the B Shuttle. She is armed with an Artemis PointGrosseBlank mini crossbow and several easily concealed stilleto fighting knives. Given her knowledge of anatomy she rolls 3 dice in melee!


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