Saturday 25 April 2009

More Hammerhead Space Demon Pics

Emptying the Sim Card on my camera this morning I found these pics of an alternative paintjob I've used on my Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Hammerhead Space Demons. This more fleshy scheme came about as Heather didn't like the pale 'Pitch Black' paint job and wanted me to try something more "feral". So I painted several of my Space Demons like this for her and she's really happy with the result.

It's a Citadel Bleached Bone basecoat with an old GW Flesh Wash and a very very light Citadel Devlann Mudd wash on the tail. To produce the highlights, I ran the tip of my finger along the high points of the model such as the crest of the skull before the ink had fully dried.

I have to say my own preferred paint scheme is Citadel Bleached Bone with Devlann Mudd Wash accenting, for a 'Pitch Black' Demon effect as described in one of my previous posts. It's just more 'menacing' and 'other worldly' IMO.

For me, these Hammerheads are the real star of Khurasan's Space Demon range....and I want more!!!!!


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  1. Hi!

    Those are some nice beasties there! The more tanned ones might be nice with some sort of dark patterning running down the length of their bodies (he looks like hes sneaking up on someone too!)