Sunday 5 April 2009

Klaxion 5: Patrol Sweep

Rabbi 45, Rabbi 45 this is Komodo 4.
Localised interference negating scanners.
Sweep of Yellow Sector negative. Repeat negative......

Sunset in 15......
Returning to base.

OK Zac, get us out of here.
The place gives me the creeps.
Feels like we're being watched.....

Been a 'choclate pants' sort of day. There's no Space Demon update this evening as I had a stupid mishap earlier and knocked several heads off the minis. Serves me right for using superglue bought from Poundland - 8 bottles for £1. It's crap at cementing metal to metal but fantastic at instantly glueing your fingers together. As I found out......

Don't ask! But there was one moment where I had my thumb fore and middle fingers stuck together. Worse still, the superglue had run between my fore and middle fingers and they were completely melded.

Luckily, Heather had a LARGE bottle of nail polish remover which softened the glue enough to allow with some effort, to painfully pull them apart. She was grateful that I managed to get my fingers apart but more so that I had picked up the Boots own brand nail remover in my haste and not her far more expensive Chanel one.

To restore the Space Demon heads, I mixed up small batches of Marmokitt 1000. This is an epoxy 'marble glue'. It's used to join/repair marble and granite features such as fireplaces. Once it sets, it quite literally sets like rock! I thoroughly recommend it as it will take a thermonuclear holocaust to seperate the Space Demons from their heads now!


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  1. Like the way you have the ariel sloping backwards, looks excellent.