Sunday 5 April 2009

VSF: NEW Peter Pig Sudan Highlanders

Whilst perusing Mr Peter Pig's finest miniatures on the ether web, I came across a truly astounding new dicovery obscurated amongst their cornucopia of merchandise...... miniature toy soldiers of the finest quality representing Highlanders have appeared this very week in Messr Pig's Patrols in the Sudan range.

15mm Highland Infantry Advancing
Pack 22/82, £2.30 for 8 infantry
from Peter Pig

15mm Highland Command
Pack 22/83, £2.30 for 8 infantry
from Peter Pig

At bloody last I have a decent reason to finish my 15mm Sudan collection, conduct punitive expeditions against the Pathan and make Mars the ruby of Her Imperial Britannic Majesty's crown.

Now, anyone interested in 15mm VSF, or alternatively wants to reenact the Sinking of The Titanic, should seriously consider Peter Pig's Naval ships crew, Pack 22/61.

"Iceberg dead ahead Skipper...."
"Hoover Dam! Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave"

There's a nice retro Sci Fi feel about these figures that could make them useful as a luxury cruise liner crew like those on Fhlotsin Paradise in The Fifth Element. Yes?



  1. Thanks for showcasing the Naval Crew. Those will work great for crewing airships and steam walkers alike.