Tuesday, 26 May 2009

100 Posts in the Pipe!

express elevator to hell;

Welcome to the 100th post on Dropship Horizon

The 15mm Sci Fi scene has expanded in Super Nova terms over the past 100 posts. There is a vibrancy in the marketplace and new ranges instead of competing with each other are actually fuelling the appetite for more. A new wave of sculptors and manufacturers have come forward and more have expressed the intention of following. New modern rules systems are in development....we really are on an express elevator ride right now. WHAT A RUSH!

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported Dropship Horizon to date, and especially to each of the manufacturers who has contributed towards the 100th post! A special thank you to Gavin at 15mm.co.uk for his very generous 15% discount deal for Dropship Horizon readers!

When Mark asked us at www.15mm.co.uk to make a contribution to his landmark 100th posting we were happy to help, after all its rare to have access to such a quality blog as Dropship Horizon. As most of you will be aware we produce the Laserburn range of classic 15mm sci-fi miniatures and vehicles along with the HOF 15mm sci-fi range. Both can be found on our website.

Our latest releases for HOF are all on our site right now. They are:

HOF53 Octopod Infantry. This pack contains ten miniatures taken from three poses of humanoid infantry with rifles. Octopods have slimy skin and tentacle bunches which cover the lower parts of their faces and chests. £3.50 per pack

HOF54 Human Rim Mercenaries. This pack contains ten miniatures taken from three poses of human males armed with rifles dressed in paramilitary gear. £3.50 per pack.

HOF55 Post Apocalyptic Warriors. This pack contains ten miniatures taken from three poses of human males armed with machine pistols and dressed in gas masks and leather trench coats. £3.50 per pack.

HOF57 Starfighter Crew. This pack contains ten miniatures taken from four poses. Starfighter Pilot in helmet, Srarfighter Pilot bare headed, kneeling mechanic and Starfighter Droid. £3.50 per pack.

HOF56 Cultist Infantry. This pack contains ten miniatures taken from three poses of human males armed with a variety of rifles and a shotgun dressed in hooded full body robes. £3.50 per pack.

HOF58 Stellar Refugees. This pack contains ten pieces. One set of Human child with grav sled and separate load, multiples of three poses of Human Refugees. Human male with bags standing, Human male with bags walking and human teenage female clutching bags and robotoy. £3.50 per pack.

As an added bonus in conjunction with Dropship Horizon we would like to extend a promotional offer to all you gamers out there who are fans of this blog. Go to our site www.15mm.co.uk and place an order as normal, when you reach the 'checkout' screen with the white background enter this code ' 1703 ' into the voucher box and automatically get 15% off your order. This is valid for all miniatures, rulebooks and so on from us and will be valid for the next two weeks.

Here's to the next 100 postings!


Everyone who is signed up as a follower of Dropship Horizon will be entered into a free prize draw on June 21st. First person chosen at random will recieve a Grey Landing Party from 15mm.co.uk. Second person will recieve a pack of Cultists and third will receive a pack of Post Apocalyptic Warriors. Good Luck!

Meet the all new Sabre Dropship coming soon from Rebel Minis:

Rebel Minis 15mm Sabre Dropship - Laser variant

Rebel Minis 15mm Sabre Dropship - Missile variant
MAEF4 15mm Earth Force Marines Infantry (Soft Top): Sculpted by Martin Baker, the Earth Force Marines Infantry (Soft Top) Pack comes with 21 15mm Miniatures (5 EF poses) for $10.95, in a Boonie style cover instead of the enclosed helmet. They also feature respirators over the nose and mouth.

MAEF3 15mm Earth Force Marine Infantry (Hardtop) : Once again, sculpted by Martin Baker, the Earth Force Marines Infantry (Hardtop) Pack comes with 21 15mm Miniatures (5 EF poses) for $10.95, in Hardtop cover instead of the enclosed helmets.


These guys give Near Future gaming a hard edge. Keep an eye on the website for more new releases and remember that shipping anywheer in the world is now one flat rate of $4.60.


Green Eyed Minis will be going live with a website before the end of May. We will be releasing the Tolero (the little bears), Yetis and Slugs to begin with. Future packs will compliment these packs. We have a Tolero Catapult being worked on and also Tolero's rifing giant Terror Birds. There will also be a command pack and probably another 8 basic troopers.

Add ImageGreen Eyed Minis 15mm Tolero

The Yetis will have another 8 figures released. They will be armed with a variety of bones, rocks and stones, and we have a few other ideas being played with at the moment.

Green Eyed Minis 15mm Yetis

We will also be working on several more alien bugs and welcome suggestions as to what people would like.

We have 3 alien races planned and these will be complete ranges with various troop types and vehicles.

We plan to release packs with 8 individual figures in, so you don't need to worry about duplicates.

Finally, We're putting together a range of Space dwarves, with the first pack due for release mid June. These figures will be part of a complete range and we hope to launch with a platoon pack made up of 30 unique figures, which will incld command and heavy weapons.

If anyone wants to contact us we can be found at greeneyedminis@gmail.com for the time being.



Mark, just for your 100th, here are some EXCLUSIVE images of upcoming items.

1) An closeup image of the missile bay of the Pelagic Dominate's SPA missile tank. There will be an APC and an AFV on the same hull. The basic design is a secret so far, but here's a peek! These vehicles are the amazing work of vehiclesmith John Bear Ross.

2) An in-progress look at the 28mm heavy weaponsgarn. He was changed a bit after this shot was taken (his targeting periscope was shortened, and the power/support cables going from his power backpack into the gun rack were added) but this is the basic look. The gun rack will be able to receive the plasma cannon (shown), laser cannon or missile launcher, all three of which attachments will come with each heavy weaponsgarn.

And here are some further updates on the rest of my Sci Fi lines as posted also to TMP:

The Corporate Marines are in my hands just waiting for the painted samples to be

Garn 15mm are at the casters.

Pelagic Dominate:- Karkarine line troopers in ablative armour are almost done, soon to be
shipped to me (four trooper poses with hydroplasma rifle, one two-kar hydroplasma cannon
team, one commander with hydroplasma assault rifle).

Hydrozoan Overlords, in battle dress with nematocyte energy harpoon, have been described to sculptor and will be started soon

Spearbearer bio terror troops are done and on their way to me.

Pelagic armoured assets (grav tank, grav APC, grav missile artillery) are completed 3D sculpting and the patterns are at the printers.

So lots of sci fi fun coming in the next few months. If sales support it I will make vehicles for the Garn and Corporate Marines as well. Also probably everyone's favorite genocidal overlord, Jellina Joel I, in 15mm."

"Who can resist a girl in leather even in 15mm?"...Mark

David at Splintered Light Miniatures has informed me that they will shortly have two packs of 15mm Space Crew, one pack armed, one unarmed.

Splintered Light are also offering a 20% discount on purchases made in April and May. Check out the website for details.


Win a Rebel Minis Dropship & Earth Force Marines(new and unpainted)

To Win:First person with all 3 correct answers!
You can have one attempt per comment left on the blog
between 30th May and 21st June 2009.
Send answers to dr#pshiph#riz#n@yah##.c#.uk
(This address is purely for the competiton. Replace the # as appropriate)
If no-ne gets all three. person with most correct who has
contributed best comments will win. My comp. so my decisions are final.

1) What Sci Fi TV series am I currently watching on DVD?

2) Which pack of 'gritty' 15mm Sci Fi miniatures
do I think would make great Legionnaires?

3) Which movie actress would I like to see cast as Jellina Joel I?

Best of luck!



  1. Cool...keep it up Mark.

    Is that Rebel DS metal?


  2. Congrats on 100 posts! And thanks to the companies that have supported this occasion, too. Excellent work, guys!

  3. Hey Michael,

    No, it is a Plastic/Metal Mix.


  4. Hey Other Mike.
    That is a very nice ship...send me 3...lol.

    I'll convert something for you.


  5. Great to see the blog growing. This is a whopper of a post. Lots of good stuff on the horizon.


  6. Side comment on your contest. I don't see that you have the blog set up for Followers yet. I'd have set myself up for it ages ago if you were.


  7. Congratulations on 100 postings, and what a mamoth posting this 100th was as well !! :)



  8. and its a cracking century at the crease for Hannam; the crowd are waiting for more of the same just as soon as tea is over; Hannam is 100 not out and it's over to you, Brian....

  9. Yay! They're revealed!

    Back to sculpting...

    John Bear Ross