Saturday 9 May 2009

Life Work The Universe......and Kittens

As you may have guessed, our lives have become taken over by these fellas, Michaelovitch & Gabrilovitch, or Moskau and Zoly to you. So wargames, blog et al have had to take second place......

Heather was expecting lots of quiet kitty cuddles, but instead we appear to have brought a pair of Tasmanian Devils into our home. At 13 weeks old, their energy is boundless, expended in an almost endless round of chasing, ambushing and (harmlessly) fighting each other.

Moskau and Zoly's energy is only surpassed by their curiosity....What does Citadel Paint taste like? What does that paintbrush taste like? What if I chew that just painted figure? No surface or shelf is safe. They are fascinated by the laptop screen and it's a battle to keep them from jumping onto the keyboard - grrrrrrr.

Of course, they do have their quiet moments........

......but not many! Nevertheless, they are great little characters in their own right, both lovely and fun. I feel I have done my bit in bonding with them and from this weekend am going to retire to the study in the evenings behind closed door to get on with my hobby (and grab some peace!).



  1. If you have a laser-pointer, they will chase the dot like mad. Endless fun!

    Mind their eyes, of course.

  2. Oh yes. Laser pointers are king. My gray, when we had him, would perk up at anything that sounded like the key chain that it was attached to.

    Be careful of the closed door. Depending on the personality of your beasts, you may end up listening to a symphony of door scratching and yowling to get your attention.


    P.S. Is it just me or are all short-haired gray cats certifiably insane?

  3. Thanks for the tip about the Laser pointer but at the moment cut-offs of brown corrugated cardboard, twigs and string (Eee, don't know they are born, when I was a lad, I had a handful of gravel and was grateful for it - 'Monty Python mode' set to OFF), are enough to keep them happy.

    And oh yes, definitely certifiably insane.