Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Dropship Bunny Announces......

The 5 FINALISTS in the Dropship Xmas Cracker are:

bandit86: Mr Gray - Zoot
Mik: Mr Scarlett: - AKA Banda Krone, AKA Shard
Steve: Mr White - AKA Tarkis Broode
Panzerfaust 150: Mr Blue - AKA Zekai Hemmigar
redroom_Mike: Mr Red - Gray Procurement Clutch 1215, #47

An honourable mention to Mongo for 'Eyessaac'

And the winner is:

Mik for Mr Scarlett: - AKA Banda Krone, AKA Shard

Well Done Mik!

We will send you, courtesy of Craig and Dale at Critical Mass Games, one each of their new Merc,1 Merc2, Merc 3 packs, whihc will be available for general sale on Monday 21st December.

PLUS We Can Be Heroes 2 (pdf), generously donated by Gordon Roach of Task Force Productions.

We have to admit to being really chuffed with the quality and imagination of the ideas sent in. Having just watched Panic Attack/Monevideo on YouTube and thought that just as this shows what can be achieved without the backup of a major studio, these bounty hunter ideas put the imagination of the output of the GW behemoth into perspective. OK, you can see the various influences at play here but the end results ar sheer bloody brilliant - across the board. We had to call in both sets of Mrs for an unbiased, fresh take on them. So.....

The creativity and thought put into these entries proves that who really needs a firm, written in stone galactic backstory? Have your Rim, your Empire, your Rebels, Feds, Browncoats, Vargr, hell, have Vargr Browncoats! If you want to buy a backstory go GW but the best backstory is free.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Mark, Heather
Mathew and Sue


  1. Congrats to all the winners, Dale and I have very much enjoyed reading all the entires and I most certainly would not like to have been in the Dropship Crews position of picking a winner.

    Well done to everyone though, especially GJD and Mik.

    Happy Holidays.

    Craig @ Critical Mass Games

  2. Thank you both for your generosity in providing the figures for these prizes!


  3. Woohoo! Yeah, I can't say enough at how cool this site has been and how it has completely cemented my 15mm sci-fi endeavor for 2010!

  4. Likewise. Put a load of stuff on my Xmas list as a result of exposure here!


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  6. Great job and a fun little contest I ejoyed all the stories and love this blog. Thatnks for doing it

  7. Congratulations to the winners and merry Christmas to all at Dropship Horizon and the Blog followers !!!!

  8. Had a lot of fun writing Zekai's background...we so have to do this again!