Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Lardy Xmas Special......Breaching atmosphere.

ETA for the Too Fat Lardies 2009 Xmas Special is just hours away and this year it includes a Sci Fi supplement for their innovative and fun IABSM (I Ain't Been Shot Mum) company sized WW2 rules called Get Your Flipping Tentacle Out Of My Face, or GYFTOOMF .

If you are not already a Lardy convert then take a look at the excellent review of IABSM by Leif Eriksson click here, and catch some inspirational IASBM games in action at Kev's webpage


Course, you do. To play GYFTOOMF you are going to need a copy of IABSM. The rules themselves are light on both tech and the type of Sci Fi weapons a hard nosed Sci Fi gamer like myself and the Master Chef would demand, but they are deliberately designed to be a vehicle into which you can easily incorporate your own Sci Fi ideas into IABSM.

If you are into IABSM already or it's a regular down the club,
GYFTOOMF provides a good crossover to introduce Sci Fi gaming with familiar systems.

Tthe best part of this supplement has to be the Example Force Lists and Scenario. Here you will find coherent army organisations for Zombiesmith Aphids, Khurasan Garn, Karkarines, plus Spriggan Miniatures' Spugs. Rob has managed to breathe life into these alien forces and create not just believeable forces but races you want to become your primary Sci Fi armies on the tabletop.

Finally, the scenario called Squash The Spugs pits Aphids vs Spugs on planet
K’Ash Meer 6. Am looking forward to playing this one!

Once published on 11th December, the 2009 Xmas Special is available from:



  1. "Get your flipping tentacle ...", oh man,nearly a keyboard kill - I want to see these rules on the strength of the title alone!

  2. Went to the Lardie's website, but couldn't seem to find it.