Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Life, Work, The Universe...... Let the Holidays Begin!!!!!!

Got waylaid by the Dropship Bunny on Sunday - hence no updates - I'm only human! Mr Tuffley has subsequently suggested I look at his 25mm Sci Fi Gun Bunny range.... Jon, she's armed and dangerous as it is without giving her any further ideas!

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Was due to work right up to Christmas Eve this year but the severe weather experienced across the region means I will be working from home. We are expecting a further 10-15cm of snow across transport routes and temperatures of -15 over night. Truth is, I can probably get more done in one day from home than two days in an office that is suffering from corporate seasonal lethargy.

Back home to Kinkydeenshire on the 14:07 departing Aberdeen and this is the scene from the house. One intense but important corporate task to complete tomorrow and then it's time to pull up the draw bridge.

Plan to go to the movies during the holiday season. Avatar Smavatar....yeah, yeah, yawn - looking forward to seeing new post apocalypse flick The Book of Eli starring Denzil Washington on it's release in January

Also, want to see the new Sherlock Holmes (2009). Is it me or does this magazine ad for Sherlock Holmes look like Dr Who? Come on, Robert Downey Jr could easily be the errant Timelord and that blue background design evokes a Tardis.

I see they've remade The Crazies (1973). Mmm.....This reimagining stars Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black, 2000), Denzil Washington's co-star in Man on Fire (2004), itself an excellent movie.

Rahda also starred in the weird Silent Hill (2006) alongside Laurie Holden, who has got to be the second best uniformed cop of all time - next to Beyonce of course.


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  1. You are spot on with the idea that the background in Sherlock looks just like Dr. Who.