Thursday 31 December 2009

New 15mm GZG Heads Up!

Back in November Jon at GZG took up some of my ideas here on Dropship Horizon for 15mm separate Character Heads (click here). He consequently produced some brilliant 15mm heads for those of us who wanted to give our miniatures a bit more individual character. We had fun building upon the theme of these original heads and the fallout of this is that Jon's had several additional sprues sculpted, two of which are illustrated below:

GZG 15mm Separate Heads
Top: Shades/Visors & Goggles/Vision Enhancers
Bottom: Gasmasks and Breathers

A closeup of the Shades/Visors & Goggles/Vision Enhancers

My photos simply don't do these heads justice. They are magnificent. I take my hat off to Chromecat of the D.C.2150 blog, Joe Dragovich and their ilk for their fine conversion work (click here), and these heads present a real bonus to those of us who find we lack the patience (my particular malaise) or the skill to do this sort of thing for ourselves.

The possibilities are now endless for creating new miniatures using Jon's new separate heads - colourful military personnel, Mercs, Insertion teams, Cyber-Punks, Post-Apoc survivors/gangs, wasteland warriors, industrial world militia, RPG characters. A whole new realm of life can also be given to existing miniatures beyond paint conversions.

Next up from GZG - a 30mm tall human infantry Walker. First of several variants from Jon's workbench.

GZG 15mm Sci Fi Power Armoured Trooper

The Walker is 30mm tall and comes with moulded power/jump pack and separate arms. These arms have a ball joint that attaches to a socket at the shoulders which gives you plenty of scope for posing them individually. The detail includes integral smoke or anti-personnel grenade dischargers.

It's a really substantial miniature that has a very real world design about it. I'll pop up a few more photos over the coming weekend once I have the arms attached. If you have suggestions for additional variants/weapon types post your ideas below.

But that's not all from GZG. Jon has also scuplted some additonal support weapons for the New Israelis - a MILAN style missile launcher - I've seen it and am very impressed, together with a HAMR gunner that is still being worked on.

Finally....a new range of Sci Fi troopers are coming from GZG! You are going to love them! Stick with Dropship Horizon to find out more in my first entry of 2010!



  1. One weapons fit for this that I would really like to see is a fold-down, shoulder mounted railgun in the style of the GZG SPGs.

    Having this figure come out is a godsend, especially considering the cost of those DP9 Gears...

  2. AWESOME! GZG is fast becoming one of my favorite sources for minis. Can't wait for the New Israeli additions to come out, just recieved the ones I ordered for Christmas and want more because of the fine quality of detail.

  3. I do hope they decide to make other types of larger light walker/power armors. I love GZG's minis. The seperate heads are a wonderful addtition as well.

  4. The walker lloks particularly cool, hope they have it available before Jan 31...

  5. Glad to hear about the new Milan-style missile launchers for the NI's (they're going to need them to take on Grav Tanks), and the new range of forthcoming troops.

    The Power Armored figure, and the heads look nice too.

  6. Can't wait to hear more about, and to see pics of the new Sci-Fi troop range.

    I hope they will do more poses of the UNSC troops soon as well.

  7. Hate to post again on the same thread, but the goggled heads have solved my "Juicer" problem...

    Each day, gaming Rifts gets just that much easier...

  8. What an exciting update. Can't wait to place my next order to GZG, it will include all of these things.

  9. "30mm?"

    Yes, about that - it's a 3-metre-tall Infantry Walker, not a man-sized powersuit (though quite conveniently it will also make a nice PA suit for 25mm....)

  10. I like it, but head/helmet is little uninspiring.. ;/

    Maybe it will be easily upgradable.

    pity the size
    what we need most are man sized power armours 20 mm max... ;/


  11. I know what you mean. 30mm starts getting into Battletech for me and I think ok one or two to support my ground troops.

    When I first saw the concept of Critical Mass Games Protolene Ayame light battlesuit I thought wow! If it's 20mm I'll buy a dozen...More! As an armoured support company for my infantry. 30mm? I'll get three and see where we go from there.

    I like this GZG model, though I'd prefer a Sci Fi blaster heavy weapon rather than a rifle that could pass for an M203.

    Master Chef mentioned Heinlein style Mobile Infantry - see it definitely, but mine are and always will be, Asgard Space Marines in Battle Armour (from