Thursday 28 October 2010

In The Pipe......15mm Praesentia

In yesterday's post we looked at  how Craig and Dale at Critical Mass Games create and develop a new alien race in 15mm. Tonight we continue the story with how the Praesentia are turned from concept drawings into living figures.

Developing the Praesentia
Part 2: Realisation
"As you can see in the photos below, Phil has done an excellent job translating the artwork to miniature. Creating a miniature that does not look out of place next to a standard human.  The separate staffs have the hands sculpted on with balls that fit snugly into sockets on the wrist. This has allowed for a more detailed and dynamic miniature as a whole.

We knew we wanted the Praesentia to retain the simple monk like garb, but as a technologically advanced race we also wanted this to be represented, and so the Phase Shifters arrived, inspired by Guyver and many different Manga films the armour is much closer fitting and has less bulk than that of the ARC Fleet and Kaamados.

The Praesentia Enlightened are due for release on Dec 6th 2010 closely followed by the Phase Shifters on Jan 24th 2011. And following on from this, will be a new selection of Ancients, the leaders of the Praesentia.

Well, I for one think Phil's translation of the concept artwork into miniature is little short of outstanding. The bar has definitely been set higher!

These Praesentia have completely won this hard Sci Fi grognard over and yes even inspired me.These are the Martian Warlords I visualised for my vision of Victorian Science Fiction, whilst the Phase Shifters will rise as the Jundi Sand Lords of Mudd Eiseley.



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  1. Those look pretty neat.

    Hopefully, they'll offer a set of empty hands too, so the staffs/weapons can be held in one hand too, for even more pose variety.