Monday 1 November 2010

Combat Wombat

Scotty at Combat Wombat Miniatures
is back from the front and back in business!

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Scotty produces a solid range of resin 15mm Sci Fi AFVs at very competitive prices. I have to say that I'm seriously impressed by the quality of the Combat Wombat's models. Crisp, clean, with nothing to speak of in the way of bubbles or flash. Always a big plus for me.

I have several favourites and I'll preview some of these models this week - including the missile bunker - which I like for being low and discrete as a military bunker should be. On my wishlist is the  Centurion Medium GEV (seen above. photo courtesy of CWM) as there's something Traveller'esque about them that appeals to me.



  1. Cool! Some of these vehicles looks great, and they're cheap, too!

  2. WOW! I havent saw these before. There are many great vehicles!!!!!!!!!!!!!