Wednesday 15 May 2013

PMC 2640 - Rulebooks Printed and Assault Publishing Taking Pre-Orders

By Harold

Hi everyone,

Assault Publishing has announced that the PMC 2640 rulebooks have been printed and they have begun to take pre-orders:

It is 96.00 PLN or about $29.73 in USD

Here is their description of the rulebook:

I’m very happy to announce that PMC 2640 rulebooks have finally been printed and now we can start the pre-orders!

In the rulebook you will find:

A short introduction to the world of the 27th century. You can familiarise yourself with a brief history as well as with descriptions of space travel and future warfare.

A fast-playing ruleset with a focus on intuitive rules, simplicity and elimination of unnecessary details, all of which ensure that the game runs smoothly with a few as well as with a few dozen units on the table!

Six basic competitive scenarios coupled with terrain generators, which provide a variety of challenges and allow you to demonstrate your tactical flexibility.

A long list of different, yet equally useful units, allowing you to create an army which suits your playing style, whether it is based on long-range bombardment, stealth operations or brutal assaults on enemy positions.

The Recognizable, Cool-Looking rule, which replaces WYSIWYG and allows you to use any models you wish and to display your modelling skills. Although written for 15mm miniatures, the ruleset is suitable for all sci-fi scales, with figures either based on their own or on squad bases.
Advanced, playable and addictive campaign rules. Establish your own company, recruit your troops, promote and train them, lead them in epic battles and become the most famous and powerful mercenary commander in history! In the course of service, your troops might become not only valuable veterans but also traumatized wrecks – or even both!

Solitaire/cooperative game mode with additional rules, six new scenarios, and two unique army lists for rebelling colonists and Space Bugs.

There is only a limited number of rulebooks for pre-orders and it’s worth to do as the first 150 wargamers who order the rulebook from Assault Publishing store will get a very cool, free poster (40cm*29cm)! The pre-orders will last for one week and the books will be shipped next week, so with a little luck you may get them before the official premiere!

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