Thursday 10 April 2014

Darkest Star's New Kickstarter

After their initial releases of some really cool 15mm science fiction miniatures and vehicle models, Darkest Star has decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to help push out some of their other projects. This campaign starts with a good amount of the up front work finished for some of the core project goals and offers a couple of nice stretch and add-on goals.

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As you can see, in the images below, the first vehicle, "Scorpion", in this campaign is ready to go. It has been rendered, printed, even has optional parts ready and laid out. The second vehicle, "Kh'erian/Kh'erisan",  in the core campaign has also been finished in the 3D rendering stage. The campaign also includes stretch goals for additional vehicles, infantry and even new factions. There are add-ons associated with the stretch goals as well as drawing from Darkest star's existing range of 15mm science fiction models.

Scorpion LACV, with gun options

Scorpion printed parts

Scorpion parts layout

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