Thursday, 10 April 2014

Who in 15mm Science Fiction is Going to Salute?

With many of our readers and many of the major contributors to the 15mm science fiction hobby being in the UK, I thought it might be worth it to do a round of up of manufacturers who are planning to go to Salute 2014. While this list will, by no means, be comprehensive, it will include most of the folks I know off hand and those who I was able to track down online. On that note, feel free to include others I might over look in the comments and I'll add them to the post until the weekend of the convention.

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RAP001P Chuhuac Platoon (28)

[TB07] Alternative Armies will be on hand, presenting the Ion Age ranges as well as the new releases from's science fiction ranges and Loud Ninja Games

Brigade Models


[TB26] Brigade Models has been updating their 15mm line this past year and continues to do so into 2014. They have several new releases scheduled to be on hand with the rest of their line.

Critical Mass Games

[GK03] Critical Mass Games will be on hand with a number of new releases and their stock of amazing science fiction 15mm miniatures, vehicles and terrain.

[TK22] Ainsty Castings has rolled out their revised Hammers Slammers vehicles and will also have the rules and their awesome lines of figures and terrain on hand.

Black Hat Miniatures

SF15-1 Tolero Infantry


[TN18] Black Hat Miniatures is a producer of quite and extensive line of miniatures, with some choice 15mm science fiction miniatures, including the Armies Army range by the incredibly nice Keith Armstrong.


[TK12] Ground Zero Games will be on hand with their monstrous range. Everything from classic GZG, to the newer releases, including the range done in partnership with Ambush Alley Games for their Tomorrow's War game universe.


  1. Great post, where are those GZG UNSC from? I'd love to see bigger pictures!

  2. This is an excellent post and the kind of thing I like to see on DSH. I will try and visit all the guys on the list during the day and say hello. See you all there!

    GBS &

  3. Incredibly nice....blush :)

    A very good idea indeed!