Wednesday 2 April 2014

New Month New Freebee

By Eli

It's another month and for April, the folks at Ion Age bring us another great Lady of the Ion Age - IMP08 Muster Girl. As with all the previous monthly free miniatures, this one comes free with any 15mm order and can also be purchased for those who would like to order just the figure or add additional copies to an order.

For full details, read - HERE.

It is also worth mentioning that EVERY person who makes a purchase from the Age trade stand at Salute 2014 will receive one of this miniature FREE. Supplies are limited to 200, so move quick and make sure to get yours!

Have fun, 



  1. Hmm, I liked the last one better... This one looks like she's goofing off. Get back to work soldier!

  2. I think she could make for a reasonable looking sniper if painted up the right way.