Friday 6 February 2015

Defending Planets Across The Ion Age

Preview of Planetary Militia

February is set to be a nice release month for The Ion Age. Not only will the 15mm versions of the Planetary Militia be released but also a brand new set of vehicles for use with them. These citizen soldiers are tasked with holding the ground and maintaining defense behind the armored lines of the Muster and armored elites. 

Several packs of infantry and vehicle variants are planned for February releases...

IAF067 Planetary Militia 1st Squad (10) (Rifle Squad) 5.00GBP
IAF068 Planetary Militia 2nd Squad (10) (Support Squad) 5.00GBP
IAF069 Planetary Militia Platoon Command (5) (Special Poses) 2.50GBP
IAFP02 Planetary Militia Platoon (25+1) 12.00GBP
(Contains IAF067, IAF068, IAF069 as well as a free unique miniature only in this platoon pack)

IAF054 Hazelwurm MkII Patrol Car (1) (Light Vehicle) 4.00GBP
IAF061A Colabreta Patrol Carrier MkI (1) (APC Light Vehicle) 6.00GBP
IAF061B Colabreta Patrol Command MkIII (1) (Control Light Vehicle) 6.00GBP
 See vehicle images below and read more - HERE 


  1. Oooo i really like the style of the trooper, his gear looks very cold climate to me what with all that fur trim. As i already have two unassigned snow cat type vehicles that is good enough reason for me to think about getting the platoon pack when it comes out.

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