Friday 13 February 2015

ACP Games: Vanir Dropship Kickstarter Launched!

JBR, here, with an exciting announcement about big new from Jimbo Burrell, of ACP Games.

I used to work with Jimbo when we were both doing CAV for Reaper.

Since then, Jimbo has been working long and hard to launch his 15mm scale product line at his company, ACP Games.

His newest venture is a Kickstarter project for the Vanir Dropship.

It's a beast, dwarfing most other offerings in the realm of 15mm.

Click here for the link.

Here's the movie...

I also did a digital sculpt for the Kickstarter:  A small combat utility vehicle called the Homesteader, meant to fit in the cargo bay of the Vanir.  More on that later.

 Here's the Vanir with one of the stretch goals, the 3-inch-tall mecha dubbed The Angel Of Death.

Here's a size reference shot of the Angel Of Death, with a 15mm infantryman and a Valkyrie.

 Here are another stretch goal, a new set of Valkyries, Jimbo's excellent powered armors.

 Here are a few shots of the Vanir with one of Jimbo's a-grav tanks.


 As an added bonus, Jimbo also got the mighty David Woods, AKA Dwartist, to paint up a pre-production Vanir.  As you can see, the Vanir also does Double Duty nicely as a 28mm scale vehicle.

For more of his astounding work in support of this project, click here.

That link, again, is...

And if you're on Facebook, swing by ACP Games' FB page, and give them a like.


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