Sunday 1 February 2015

New Month, New Special Miniature

The Ion Age Offers Another Glimpse Into The Future

The Ion Age is a living, growing universe, bringing new force offerings, vehicles and even characters to the table every month. The universe has grown linearly along the lines of two core factions, the Shia Khan and Prydians. Back in February 2014 we got our first glimpse at a new name in the game, the Xin, when the folks at The Ion Age offered a bit of a teaser with their Xin Envoy (see below)special monthly figure.

This month, they tease us again with the offering of a female Xin figure, the Youxia. These wandering warriors, adventure through the stars fighting battles against the evils of the cosmos. Like other monthly miniatures offered from The Ion Age, you can get one free with any order from them as well as order them separately if you want just the figure or more than one.

For the full story on this intriguing and excellent miniatures, head on over to the Ion Age Blog - HERE

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