Monday 23 March 2015

DLD Productions has launched their Kickstarter to bring their kits into plastic!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

The Kickstarter runs until Apr 21 2015:

"This is WAR!"  The 23rd century is a time of turmoil. The CMF or Coalition of Military Forces, (which is made up of the remnants of the old North Atlantic Treaty Organization), are embattled with the Opposition Forces, (which is a unified Russia and China), or OPFOR, for not only Earth domination, but space as well. CMF-held worlds and colonies fighting off hordes of OPFOR units, as they struggle to hang on to their territories. Battles with tracked, wheeled and sometimes grav tanks and APC’s become nothing more than tangled masses of wrecked metal, plastic and…..sometimes…..soldiers.

"This is WAR!" is a 15mm ground based tabletop miniatures game, using a d6 system, to simulate vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to troop and troop to troop combat in the 23rd century.

Units are chosen from Platoon and Company cards, and the models and figures are placed on the battlefield in accordance to the scenario. Units are "activated" one platoon at a time, alternating sides. Once the game has ended, victory points are tallied up from the backs of the Platoon and/or Company cards, and the winner is then determined.

This game simulates hand to hand combat with troops, and also hand to hand with vehicles. The game is fast paced and brutal.

"This is WAR!"

What we would like to see happen, is that our entire 15mm futuristic/scifi product line be switched from resin plastic injection.

Why would we want to do this? 

There are several simple reasons:

#1. Production times......production times will go WWAAYYY down! a plastic injection machine can create several sprues a minute as opposed to only one every few hours with resin…......that means, product will be made at a wicked fast rate!

#2. Ease of manufacture. That means that the finicky nature of resin materials will become a thing of the past. No more moisture contaminating resin stock and thus creating waste. No more having an improper mixture go bad, also creating waste.

#3. Cost. Once the cost of the mold has been funded,the cost of the plastic material, per sprue, will greatly reduce the cost to you. They directly relate to one another. That can get bigger more diverse armies!! And it won't cost a home remortgage!

#4. Weight. The plastics will cost less to ship, (and carry around!), so, shipping will become more of a stable platform. Instead of having to figure out if you can afford the shipping for this that and the other thing, you can concentrate on the more important things in a gianormous army in which to crush your enemies!!!!

#5. "This is WAR!" We went and decided that we need a fast paced, brutal as all get out 15mm tabletop game, featuring our OWN kits, and troops and such! So.....we did! Our great 15mm futuristic/scifi kits with a wickedly brutal game system to accompany them!!

So there you have it...5 really good reasons for this Kickstarter. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Let's make this happen, and get this ball rolling!

Support our Kickstarter!

Team DLD

The boxed game:

The "This is WAR!" boxed game will include the following:
4x sprues of CMF vehicles, (each sprue can make one of 3 different vehicles, Kamodo APC, Kamodo HFS or Kamodo TOC).
4x sprues of OPFOR vehicles, (each sprue can make one of 3 different vehicles, Type 692 APC, Type 695-FS (Fire Support), or Type 694-CP (Command Post).
2x squads of CMF troops, (16 figures in metal casting)
2x squads of OPFOR troops, (16 figures in metal casting)
64x cardstock counters
12x white d6
2x sheets of full color blast templates
2x Front/Flank templates
2x cardstock quick reference sheets
2x sheets of CMF Company/Support cards
2x sheets of OPFOR Company/Support cards
1x Unit/painting Guide and Scenario Book
1x "This is WAR!" color rulebook

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