Tuesday 31 March 2015

Salute and Spring Season Sale

15mm.co.uk Offers Deals and Discounts


From the mouth of Gavin,

We had a massive uptake on the first set pre-orders of the 15mm Human Fantasy Buildings and that combined with the shipping of the Yandrassi Kickstarter for Loud Ninja Games and also other work on Alternative Armies and The Ion Age has meant a crazy couple of weeks for us. But we are now back with superb news. Our annual spring offer month is now live!

We have a code for 15% off all orders and the offer of a Goody Bag free in every order too. On top of that we have today released the HOB01 Buildings onto the website and in the linked blog post we tell you the releases for the next month. So you can plan your orders and work out when and what you want.

Read on for more information and we would like to thank all of you for your continued support. Its our aim to bring you the best in generic 15mm scale wargaming for Fantasy, Historical and Science Fiction. Enjoy the offers and if you have questions please do feel free to email me.

Until 1st May get 15% off orders and a Goody Bag too!

We are not attending any conventions in person this spring but this does not mean we are not making our annual offers during April to our worldwide customer base as they have come to expect from us. We will be having new releases and more during this period but the offers here apply to each and every one of them all the same. So while you will not see us at Salute 2015 in London this April on Alternative Armies trade stand here is what we are offering you:

15% Off Discount Code to be used on All Orders!
Open to use by all customers as many times as they wish to use it the code ' spring ' to automatically reduce the price of all items in your cart by 15% on screen. Use the code ' spring ' as it appears here during the checkout process on page two of the process (that is after you enter your payment details) on same page page as your postage choice in the DISCOUNT box and your product total will automatically reduce 15% on screen. Excellent Value and valid until 1st May 2015.

Free “Goody Bag” in all Orders worth 10% of your Order!
When you place an order of any size or value with us until 1st May we will automatically place a Goody Bag into your package to the value of approx 10% of the order. The items in this free bag will be related to what you have purchased but will be our choice. So if you order HOT 15mm Fantasy Undead you will get other Undead and an order for 15mm Medieval will get you more 15mm Medieval. A lovely surprise for you and great for your collections. And yes if you do order a pile of Laserburn Value Packs we will send you a small fleet of Laserburn vehicles to go with them!

Click on the link below to go to our blog for full information on these offers along with information on releases coming for the next month. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I just bought some models I've wanted for ages.