Wednesday 25 March 2015

Ravenstar Studios: Having a have to sale. 15% off plus freebies... thats always good.


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Hey everyone , we are having a Have to Have Sale ,  we have new models in the works and this is how we pay for them. so we are having a 15% sale starting today until march 25th , until March 30th. you will also receive a free surprise gift depending on your order both in size and which line you order from. And if you have ordered from us before you know we give away a lot of stuff. so pop over to our site
 and have fun.

ok this is the Thumper. a bio-artillery Horrid $8 each 

make another box, 3 for $20 

the thumper  comes either A or B versions ,A is the solid shell , B has the split shell . 

the 3 figures are Ghast, 3 for $6. Horrid assassins

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