Saturday 24 January 2009

Abduction Alley

Rebel Minis have announced new 15mm Alien Greys. The first pack, available now, are unarmed, and the pack contains one sculpt with arms that are poseable to make an unlimited variety of Aliens.

Rebel Minis 15mm Alien Greys

Mike says these are about 15mm to the top of the head, so slightly shorter than Rebel Minis current modern range of miniatures. This pack includes 24 15mm scale Alien Greys, sculpted by Martin Baker, and they look great!

Really useful miniatures and I'm already thinking of using them as Alien 'Zombies', or Alien Abductors in a parody of Ambush Z! by Ambush Alley Games. Armed Alien Greys will also be available from Rebel Minis shortly bit don't let that hold you back from ordering these now!

$10.95 USD for 24 Alien Greys.

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