Sunday 18 January 2009

IN THE PIPE... 15mm Xenomorphs

There is an ancient nightmare in the consciousness of many races.
A terror that transcends the reaches of galactic space.
A horror waiting, quietly, patiently in the darkness......
..... for mankind.

I'm pleased to be able to announce a new range of 15mm Xenomorphs in development at Khurasan Miniatures. Jon has been kind enough to provide me with photos of the greens as they've been sculpted. The detail and animation is just mouth watering!

Space Demon King - detail

With Jon's permission I will describe the background to the range and publish pics of the SPACE DEMON KING green. More pics of the various miniatures in th
e range will follow as they near production.

What I can tell you now is that you
are going to be blown away mister!

There are two types of
Space Demon xenomorphs - Royalty and Warrior.


  • The Queen Space Demon is an enormous telepathic commander, some 25mm tall, who reproduces the warrior types whose will commands and directs the Space Demon Assault Warriors.
  • The Space Demon Kings are huge and highly intuitive creatures, as big as a queen, and again 25mm tall. They are the assault leader and linebreaker, but also leader of the infiltrator warriors. One or more may be spawned by the queen when very large numbers of prey are present and have advanced weaponry.
Space Demon King (Green)
from Khurasan Miniatures


  • Space Demon Infiltrator Warriors are usually hatched when they are likely to be in environments where they will be isolated. (Like one single infiltrator on a human spaceship, for instance!) They are silent stalkers who are more intelligent than the other warriors and don't need the telepathic commands of the queen to function. However they also appear en-masse when a Space Demon King has spawned, and will work to outflank the enemy and assassinate his leadership to support the king's frontal attacks. At the same time a few of them will serve as the king's immediate bodyguard in the centre of the line when he is present.
  • Space Demon Assault Warriors stay with the queen and launch themselves headlong at the enemy, always at her instruction. They are the cannon fodder of the hive, warrior drones that count the enemy guns by expending their lives, etc.
  • Space Demon Hammerhead Warriors are specialist scouts using their extremely enhanced senses to find the enemy and telepathically report on their location from far away.

You're gonna need a bigger BLIP!


  1. First, it's great to have a site like this to do 15mm news announcements. Thank you Mark.

    Second, these new minis look absolutely fantastic. I just recently bought a swarm of the Arachnians from Kurasan to use with 15mm forces and they are very nice. It's great to start having so many of the new companies carrying 15mm lines, especially when they are pushing the quality higher and higher like Splintered Light, Kurasan, and some of the latest Rebel Minis. Looking forward to more new stuff!


  2. I agree Jeff.
    The reason that many people have been put off a little by 15mm miniatures is becuase in the past all they had to look at was a lot of Historic offerings.
    Now the ranges are becoming exciting and the figures are more dramatic.
    I am very happy to see this change.