Monday 12 January 2009

Old Crow Miniatures Compatability

For TMP Member Cacique Caribe (C.C.):

The squad leader to the right of George is from Old Crow's Infantry Squad C15001.

He is a slender figure which doesn't quite come out in the photo. The standing firing figure in the C15001 pack is slightly more slender still. As you can see, the Crow figure's base is lower than the GZG figure and when raised to the same height as George, he is also 15mm to the eye line. The Old Crow figures are therefore a 15S using the Barrett system.

However, given that George wears USNC 'hardsuit' and full helmet you can easily mix both manufacturers figures in the same force as different types of troops without having to go into 'squint mode'. Same is not true of all the GZG range though. It's worth bearing in mind, once painted and deployed on the tabletop differences in height and bulk between 15mm figures are mostly insignificant. Mostly.

A full review of Old Crow's Infantry range to follow.


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