Monday 12 January 2009

First Sci Fi Purchases of 2009

Errr, well, not quite, but yes, Sci Fi.....

Flames of War (FOW): BR790 British 7th Armoured Infantry
QRF, Post War British 1 ton Humber truck
QRF, Post War British 3 ton Bedford RL truck
QRF, Post War Mobat Recoilless Rifle (Anti-Alien Gun Mk.1)

Blame that Matakishi's Tea House man and his Dr Who Project.

Bear with me. There's just something about these FOW 7th Armoured Infantry in berets which screams early 1960's Dr Who to me. An early U.N.I.T. style force or just plain, unlucky National Servicemen dealing with alien interest in Earth post Sputnik/Gagarin/John Glenn. I know the Brits had SLR's at the time, but this is old time Black & White TV Science Fiction - it's mix and match of 1960's modern and WW2/Korea vintage. Look and you'll see there's very definitely a Lethbridge-Stewart, a Sergeant 'Benson' and a Corporal 'Hedges' amongst those figures. It's perfect fodder for Alien Squad Leader.

This comes after playing around with those GZG USNC today, whom I thought they would make passable Sontarans if heavily black inked. But, I may also now have an excuse, as if needed for some of Irregular's Sci Fi Goat Men.

Did I actually write "to keep me sane" in my first post......

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