Saturday 1 January 2011

INCOMING....... GZG Hover Truck

Jon at GZG has "first footed" me with the first of a new range of 15mm Sci Fi civillian and para-military vehicles.

This is a low-sling tidy looking hover truck which comes in 4 pieces that slip together easily. There's something Travelleresque about the model that immediately endeared it to me. inducing a quick revisit to Twilight's Peak as you can just imagine your characters loading up and setting off in this.

The hover truck is a very versatile utilitarian model, being able to take on many civilian and military support Near Future and Sci Fi roles.

Not surprisingly, a removeable roof section suggests there are other variants to come. Good stuff! Looking forward to them and the rest of the range as it develops. 

Happy New Year


  1. This looks promising. Might get some just to cover the battlefield with some random civilian stuff for cover.

  2. Is that a bedford van in there or a ford transit? Looks great!

  3. Cool. Some scifi civi stuff is needed. I've been reading Alien Legion lately it's full of skimmer vehicles.

  4. Now why do I have the urge to do post apocalyptic hover trucks....

  5. Take of the hover and add tracks and you have the old UFO SHADO mobile :-)

    Nice to see less armed units coming out.


  6. Going to be a vehicle day today - just came across the partners for these at

    Hope these come out and are similar size...