Monday 10 January 2011

INCOMING....... GZG Light UNSC Heavy Weapons

Just a quick taster from GZG's upcoming Light UNSC Heavy Weapons pack.

I personally like this style of Javelin meets AT-4 Spigot man portable Medium Anti-armour Weapon. It takes the modern into the future and beyond. Whilst the power, lethality and versatility of a soldier's personal weapons will increase within our lifetime. let alone the far future, it's likely the counter-measures and protection afforded to valuable military hardware will increase likewise or not more. There's always going to be the need for something a man can carry that will pack a punch against a variety of targets. The bigger the target, the bigger the punch required.

That tube may house micro-missiles, fired individually or in unison, maybe electronic chaff or microbot dispensers, an EM pulse or a single powerful plasma energy bolt.



  1. Bloody awesome. GZG really has some nice stuff in the pipe at this time.

  2. great sculpt and weapon.. But I wish manufacturers would do more "kneeling" missile or HWP poses. prone figures don't fit on my 20mm bases.

  3. Definitely on my "Must Buy!" list!

  4. Any idea when these will be released?

    MUST OWN NOW......