Friday 14 January 2011

Kartagrad: Download and Print Ruins

With my mind firmly set in the ruins of London,  Stalingrad on the Thames, I've downloaded KARTAGRAD: Dead City from Wargames Vault for just $7.00, that's £4.44 in old money.

Glenn at Finger and Toe Models was inspired by one of Bill Mauldin's GI Joe cartoons from the second world war to come up with these simple but effective cardstock ruins to download and print. Whether you need a want a ruined village or shattered city it's there ready at your demand and all for less than  the cost of a single resin model ruin.

 With Kartagrad you get a range of single and multi-story ruins, blank textures, detailing and realistic concrete base maps. I really like the textures. The concrete ground textures alone are worth the money to me. There's plenty of variety and potential for making more and more bruins to yoour own design.

Nothing fancy in the construction design. Print, cut, fold, voila! Future Worlds wall set was tabs and folds all over the shop.  If you want a sturdier ruin or thicker, 'more realistic' walls, just print your ruined wall section, lay it on some card/artcard draw round, then cut the card to match and glue on the printed textures.

My only niggle is that it's in 28mm. Glenn tells me to set my print scale to 60%, but, and Finger and Toe are not alone here, what put's me off a lot of cardstock buildings is farting around readjusting the scale. What the hell is wrong with having a 15mm pdf version!

Personally speaking I would buy an awful lot more in the way of downloadable cardstock products if all I had to do, was click and print and not have to worry about printer settings.

Rant aside. Need a ruined concrete city? Give Kartagrad a go.



  1. I totally agree Mark. Provide a 15mm PDF ready to be printed at 100%, and I'd buy them.
    - Stutterwarp

  2. Very nice terrain, I will see more at the website you hint!