Friday 13 January 2012

Terrain from Khurasan Miniatures and CorSec Engineering

We have two major terrain releases this week.  Khurasan Miniatures has just released a fortress that will appeal to fans of a certain "buggy" movie.  From their announcement:

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that the 15mm modular sci fi field fortification that we previewed back in November, KILO OUTPOST, is now available.

The starter set is the minumum possible size as we didn't want to play the guessing game of how big each gamer would like his wall sections to be. Thought we'd leave that up to you -- there is a booster set of parapetted wall sections available separately to make the walls longer.

Usual great job by John Bear Ross and a very handsome paintup by the talented Martin of the blog Fire Broadside.

Available here, thanks for looking!

The starter set (pictured above) costs $39.99.  Expansion wall sections are $10.99 for a four-pack.  

Meanwhile, fans of a current dinosaur-themed series might be interested in CorSec Engineering's latest release:

We have added 15mm Barrier Fence sections to the store. The optional rods are 3" long. They are made from clear acrylic and come unassembled and unpainted. We have written a short tutorial to show how to assemble them.

Future releases will include a gatehouse and corner towers. We are also going to release a 28mm version.


With rods $1.99 per section

Without rods $1.49 per section

The CorSec website also has details of where to source fluorescent colored rods if you want to create a laser barrier - or you can use 1/16" dowel rods if you're protecting your "new Earth" colony from carnivorous wildlife.

With these new releases, there's no reason for your armies to keep fighting in open battlefields!



  1. The modular base looks great to fit into most any future 15mm game. And I like the idea for the green rods in the barrier fence for a force field type effect. Nicely done!

  2. We tried out various rod types for the barrier fence with the prototypes. We tried green fluorescent, brass, and styrene.

    Here's the post about it.

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineering

  3. Thanks for the great post on this stuff!

    I have long called 15 MM "the terrain scale" ... yet I've been a little surprised we haven't seen more terrain for it. Finally it seems this past year or so more and more awesome terrain sets like those are being produced in 15 MM. To me that is the greatest draw to 15 MM, on a 2x2, 4x4, or certainly a 4x6 setup you can get some epic terrain layouts. You really have to SPEND alot of time and money to pull that off at the 28 MM level and even then, your just constrained by space ... no such issues with 15 MM. So bravo bring on more bad ass sets like this!! Woot!!