Monday, 16 May 2011

Life, Work, the Universe......Eurovision

Saturday night is 'date' night. The one night a week, we put aside whatever we are doing to have quality time together. And whether we stay in or go out, we treat it as a..... date.

But this saturday was Eurovision (Fanfare of trumpets). Eurovision has a special place in our hearts and usually one of our group of friends hosts a Eurovision party - basically, an excuse to have a BBQ, a drink or three and shout at the telly.

No parties this year so we had our own and decided to make the most of it. Dressing up in Bond tux for me, and Mrs H sported her best Breakfast at Tiffany's little black dress. Let me tell you, she outdid Lena in her little black number and that's saying something.

Now don't groan when I mention Eurovision. It's how you choose to approach these things in life and we choose to view it as a hoot.  I mean, it's the Eurofighter of the TV music world and about as relevant today as Spanish Influenza. Not to be taken seriously, eEurovision nevertheless is a brilliant drinking game and a chance once a year to rate some European totty.

Lena, the German contestant and last years's winner. My god, that girls smoulders. It was like watching Kate Beckinsale being naughty on screen. Her song? Who cares.

Our joint favourite of the night, was the madcap, literally, Moldavan entry (pictured above). I can only explain the performance as Buck Rogers in the C25th does punk! We loved them and the monocycling 'Dita von Tease' thing they had going on.

It was a great evening. No, our evening, sod Eurovision. And H. put on a night that outdid everyone on stage.


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