Monday, 9 May 2011

You Got the Money, We Got the Guns

OK. This is Master Chef calling in from the outfield.

You want crazy? We got crazy!

I have been thinking for some time about the whole gaming universe thing. And have concluded that there is just one political entity – the Imperial Republic of the Federated Alliance. Honest. Within that august body, which is sadly riven by fratricidal strife, there is only the Merc and he fights…..everyone else.

Of course there are some, aliens, freebooting scum, freebooting SCUM I tell you, villains, more aliens, THEM, who prey upon the Empire, err Republic, I mean the Alliance, I mean whoever is in charge of this sector…..hey, that’s us, we're the ones with the guns! and damn big ones at that!

Gentlemen, the galaxy is our oyster, well, it would be if the galactic oysters weren’t FTL capable and hell bent on eating as many human colonists as they can. Pass me the electro-hammer Gunny, I got some galactic crustacean shell to crush…..Ooh-rah!

In such a galaxy there is only war no, there is only an opportunity for a good merc to make money!

Master Chef

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