Sunday, 15 May 2011

Faux Sci Fi

When I first saw the cover of JANISSARIES by Pournelle, the soldier reminded me of the Airfix 1/76 Paratrooper box art. I wasn't far wrong.

CIA backed US Mercs are fighting in a faux Angola and rescued from destruction at the hands of a larger Cuban force by a extra-terrestrials.

The Mercs are transported to another planet where, led by a Christopher Walken wannabe, mayhem ensues.

I know why I pushed this book to the back of my mind, but playing around with some AK47 figs this morning,  Janissaries aptly demonstrates that ANYTHING can be turned into a Sci Fi background. Something to bear in mind in these increasingly tight economic times. 



  1. Sounds like it would make a great movie.

  2. Now THAT brings back memories. :) An SF scenario that gives you an excuse to use just about any models you have in your collection.

    I always think the description of the totally hot female princess looked nothing like the odd-looking human/alien hybrid on the cover. And Rick toting a bazooka?? Then again, Paj often took liberties with the cover art...