Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dr Who: 15mm Scream Alien WIP

Did you see Dr Who? Those new aliens are scary! Inspired me to convert some of The Scene's Authorities gunmen in suits into "Scream" aliens. Here's my first take:

Didn't have a photo to work to so this is my interpretation. After a few minutes pushing putty I think 's on the right track.

Gave me an idea, for an Alien Detective Agency or Alien Men in Black agemts. Maybe put a head from a Khurasan Felid and/or better still, Space Demon on The Scene's guys in suits and we have a whole new genre! When find my Greys I'll see how their heads work. I wonder if this would work on Rebel Minis uniformed cops as well? A Khurasan Space Demon (alien) head on the Rebel Minis Mall Cop eating a donut?

I think I need to investigate....




  1. Really nice idea to go with one of those space suits from GZG:-)

    Just don't forget:-)

    Cheers Matt

  2. I wont! As long as I don't 'blink'!

    What was that you said?


  3. I have a "police squad" using the basic figs and a few matchbox cars for use with my paramilitary Japanese Corporate force. Comes in handy for tracking down the latest alien nasty available fom Khurasan or others. Now all I need is the new, improved .45 rules. Figures, rules, scenery, food - bills!