Thursday, 19 May 2011


It's truly staggering. This blog dedicated to what many gamers still see as a niche has received 300,000 page visits in just 11 months and 19 days. I think this proves to the doubters that 15mm Sci Fi is well and truly in the pipe, five by five!

In June last year Dropship Horizon was getting 20,000 hits per month. Khurasan's Federal Army releases pushed the envelop to almost 40,000 in November and now in May 2011, we are averaging 30,000 hits per month or about 1,200 per day

So who is visiting Dropship Horizon?

Well, 118,000 visits are from the United States, 82,000 from the UK, 14,000 Canada, 11,000 Australia. Germany and France 10,000 each! Then Spain, Netherlands Sweden, Poland and the rest.

And how do they get here?

Google searches outnumber referals from The Miniatures Page (TMP) by 4 to 1, then comes Tabletop Gaming News, DreamForge Games and Ambush Alley Games in that order. by far the greatest number of Google searches were for Dropship Horizon, by a factor of 10-1 over referals from other seracjes such as "15mm Sci Fi".

But what are they looking at?

My review of Osprey Publishing's Force on Force on 13th Feb this year outstrips all other posts for number of site visits. Next perhaps unsurprisingly, comes my review of Khurasan's Federal Army Infantry on 5th September. The announcement of Khurasan's HOG on 12th October comes in a close third. This is followed by's Christmas Special Offer and then my post to say the Octopods had arrived in the post.

And what are folks looking at now?

LOL! This month Khurasan's Space Dwarves take centre stage. With a supporting cast drawn from Khurasan's Fedral Infantry RAM Mortar Team and ahem, Cap'n Amy Pond. You devils! Whilst warming in the waings are ArtCrime Productions Nationalist Infantry.

 A word from our pilot?

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who takes time to visit and support this blog. An especial thank you to those who share a little of themselves and participate by Following, through leaving comments or emailing me directly. But my biggest thank you is to everyone who has offered their best wishes and support in what has been a dificult year for me personally with work worries and health issues.

What are my favourite set of miniatures from the last year? LOL! That would be telling. Take a look back through the posts and see which have provided me with most inspiration! However, if I had to highlight one product worthy of particular note it would have to be Eric Hotz's range of hand crafted felt game mats.

Hotz Mats: Lunar, Dirt Planet, Green Planet, Ice Planet.

I'm cack-handed when it comes to terrain and Eric's mats provide an instant, versatile gaming surface that's inexpensive, easy to store and quick to set up. Plus you can use them regardless of whose miniatures your own. The range of Sci Fi mats now includes Lunar Lanscape, Dirt Planet, Green Planet and Ice Planet. The flexibility this provides together with the options for coming with and without craters, or being double-sided is simply outstanding. A real boon to the 15mm Sci Fi gaming community.
I hope you've enjoyed being along for the ride and will continue aboard the Dropship in the year ahead. Believe me, the game is anything but over man!



  1. Congratulations, Mark! A high quality site like yours deserves to be buried in eye-balls!

    Hmm - that's a rather grisly image, but I'm sure you take my meaning! ;)

    - Shawn.

  2. Very well done indeed Mark! Sure 15mm sci fi is popular, but I think what really attracts so many repeat visitors is your lively passion for the subject matter, your commitment to regular posting, and the rollicking humour you inject into your posts.

    So take a bow!

  3. i love this blog site always the best for finding out new products and sneak peaks :).

    and sci fi 15mm is better than any GW crap! and i like the scale more than 28mm anyhow :)!

    great blog man keep up the exellent work :)

  4. It's true Mark, you are a contributor to the hobby. 15mm failed to catch my eye until I caught the Dropship and it's all good.

    Eric HOTZ is another super guy and he deserves the props. He games with our local club when he has the free time; a real gentleman.