Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Dropship Needs a Wedgie!

C'mon, when you first saw STAR WARS who'd you most want to be at the end of the movie? Luke was too wimpy. Chewwie too hairy, Han too sassy and Leia too butch.

That left one man. No not Jeff Vader or even Keith Prowse for that matter. No... I mean the "greatest ace" of the Rebel Alliance - ultra cool Red Squadron hotshot and local hero, Wedge Antilles!

Yes, I need a Wedge in 15mm. Not just to pilot the rocketship on Orange Planet but, to lead a flight of new Dropships/Gunships that are in the pipe and pre-ordered by this Rogue Squadron wannabe.

15mm Sci Fi HOF57a: Starfighter Pilot
(photo from

....And I've found Wedge in the form of this  Starfighter Pilot available as a single miniature from



  1. I have a couple of those figs. They are retty nice. I converted one to have an alien face though.


  2. I'd use a different 'b' word for Leia. ;-)

    The fig would work for Wedge.

  3. I have a few of these myself. Here's a scenario for one... and an example of what you can do with one good figure and a little imagination.

    We start with a lone fighter or gunship, attacking a well-defended enemy installation. The attacking player has to destroy as many enemy AA batteries as possible before being shot down. Once on the ground, this pilot becomes the attacking player's new objective.

    The attacking player then sends in an evac mission: two dropships loaded with elite troops. The dropships have to land, the troops have to get to the pilot, protect him, and get him back to the dropships and off the table to achieve victory.

    You can play this two entirely different ways. The defending installation could be a large facility, like the ice fortress in Inception. All you need is a facade model on one side of a table... then you can use Shuffler-style maps and play the "interior" missions as a guncrawl.

    Or you could play it Black Hawk Down-style. Rather than a large installation, the enemies are Crusties or Orksis or human scum with weapons hidden in their Startown Slum. Instead of fighting room to room, the dropship troopers have to fight hordes of poor quality enemies.


  4. I spent quite a long time going through film references and Rogue Squadron comics making sure that when I repainted the helmet on the Luke that came with the Lego X-Wing, that I got Wedge's markings right. Now they've re-released the kit, with an extra figure for Wedge and alternate (though incorrect) wing markings. Go figure. Only pilot to live through all the major engagements of the Rebellion and beyond, and without the aid of the Force- not even Skywalker or Solo can make that claim.