Friday, 20 May 2011

Micropanzer Greeblies

Jason at Micropanzer is offering a 20% plus discount off his current stocks whilst he reorganises his production moulds.

Alien no. 2, the four armed, polearm and sword wielding greeblie is particularly good value. He and his mukka Alien No.1 not only make futuristic 'restless natives' but can be rolled out for "John Carter of Mars" or PIMMS (Patrols in the Martian Sands) style VSF. I can only reiterate my post back in March, "the Krystrial are the just the sort of pulp Sci Fi novel/console game aliens that should be the staple of every 15mm Sci Fi, gamer's collection". 



  1. I sure hope Jason thanks you for sales sent his mine. Thanks for pointing these out.

  2. These are great, have to get some of these.