Sunday, 15 May 2011

Latest GZG Update!

We're just sorting the last few minor issues brought up by some testing over the weekend - but barring any last-minute problems the PLAN is to be able to switch the new store on tomorrow (Monday) evening!

Of course, no plan ever survives first contact with reality, so there are likely to be a few teething troubles in the first week or two - but hopefully if you've stuck with us this long, you will understand. As soon as the store is live we will be open to receive orders, but please note that due to the proximity of Sheffield Triples (see last news post) I won't actually be able to dispatch anything until I'm back from that show.

Thanks, keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck....  ;-)

Jon, Sunday 15th May.

Goes without saying Jon, best of luck from everyone on the Dropship!



  1. I have this vision of his store going live Monday evening, then his server melting its way through the floor of the containment vessel as two - three months worth of pent-up orders are unleashed on it from the Interwebs. ;)

  2. At this stage, I only want to make sure I can get my fix of 'separate heads' for conversions and found a pack whilst rooting around on Saturday - so, sorted there for a week or two.

    The Crusty Mecha - can wait and whilst I want to see the new AFVs again with a full workbench and credit card maxed out for the month - I'll plan ahead to June/July for my next order.


  3. I debated waiting, but I've been waiting since January(silly me didn't take part in the Christmas specials)...

    *sigh*...I'll put my order in and see how it goes!

    Hope it goes well for him!

    Thanks for the updates!