Saturday 14 May 2011

IN THE PIPE: Khurasan Federal RAM Mortar Team

A whole heap of new goodies from Khurasan Miniatures are in the pipe and heading to a galaxy near you soon. I can bring exclusive news from Khurasan Alienworkz gmb that RAM (rocket assisted munition) Mortars are the asset of the day for any self-respecting intergalactic overlord.

There will be mortars for the Feds, Lhurggs and, in time, for the Control Battalion and Sepulvedan Resistance too. RAM Mortars provide a cheap, mobile and versatile weapons platform that can deploy a range of munitions. Providing the grunts on the ground with their own dedicated, on-call artillery.

So we're going to need a forward control element to locate the enemy and direct effective fires onto them. What better than a highly manoeuvrable eye in the sky.

Here we see the Federal Army Infantry Drone team, previewed recently on Khurasan Miniatures' blog. These drones are perfect for providing real-time information back to 'the grid'.

Modern C-RAM (Counter-Rocket, Artillery and Mortar) weapons are ground based - but a fast moving drone with a powerful energy weapon may be able to conduct successful point defence missions and set up a C-RAM environment around the unit or facility it is protecting. I foresee (C-S) Counter Sniper Drones and C-RAMS (Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar and Sniper) Drones in the future.

So, when are these going to be available? The Federal Infantry Mortar team above will be released at the same time as the drone and operator, the army casualty and medics diorama, the DIMOG 3 "Berserker" and Hercules civilian loader (both are conversion sets for the basic DIMOG).

Included in this release and again exclusively to Dropship Horizon will be a new kick ass unit of Federal Elite forces, but more on those tomorrow! Hooyah!



  1. When will these be released? I have a order pending and now I think I will just wait for these to arrive first.

  2. Several months Eric, I don't even have the sculpts yet to get them cast.

  3. Will there be any more figs available for the Corporate Marines range? HMGs, command/support pack/medics...etc..?


  4. Thanks Jon, I'll place my order now for what I want and wait for the other items.

  5. <Thinks back to the email he sent Jon a few months ago asking for mortar support for the Feds. Now we just need a vehicle gunner, some form of command vehicle, and the cormorants ;)