Monday, 9 May 2011


Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops over Christmas has set me off on a thought trail. There's this one heart racing, rabid mission, fleeing across the rooftops and fire scapes of Hong Kong. I'm thinking pseudo Blade Runner - and then when you mix China, Japan, Sci Fi, outer planets and colonies, you have Firefly.

So I want something more than adobe and prefab - surely the future is a bit more commercial and fun, close, crowded and neon fuelled. Now, Eric Burgess is one of the hobbies good guys. A decade ago I played a part in a Korean War campaign he organsed. His terrain was completely scratchbuilt and eye popping.

Erics 'oriental' terrain in this instance used for Boxer rebellion

Maybe not Hong Kong tenements, but a claustrophobic 'Chinese' settlement on a colony/frontier world. More modern and Sci Fi elements can be added in, plus Neon signs printed from photos on the web.

 In addition I also have an idea for a concept based on creating high rise buildings, close and tight, black painted streets and alleys, with minimal surface detail. Instead the detail is provided by printed neon store/bar fronts, neon signs and street furniture.

Rather than build a bright shiny city like the 28mm one Antenociti are taking round the shows. I prefer dark and brooding, made alive by light.

It's not an immediate project but whether I go for city or rim colony I think there's mileage, even on a smaller scale. Perhaps beginning with a 'pizza base' street intersection for skirmish and Royale with Cheese gunfight games.


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  1. Nice work, you should continue on this as a whole project.