Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Divine Intervention

If you want to replay the weekend's events in a Science Fiction setting, let me recommend Traveller Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention / Night of Conquest.

Divine Intervention is set aboard a private, fortified aerial floating complex which is home to a religious leader. The setting and deck plans are perfect for an assault of the station by one or more small parties of commandos with orders to 'terminate with extreme prejudice'.

Imperial Navy Orca Team 6 has a good ring to it. Time to print up the deck plans in 15mm, order some Orca Assault Warriors as the good guys and get some Zidhe from 15mm.co.uk to be Vin Bladen and his Telikabani jundies.



  1. Vin Bladen? I'd never attack a guy named Vin...he kills people with a tea cup!

    Whiteface / Oliver

  2. ARC Fleet Augments against Crusties for my version. :)