Saturday 21 May 2011

INCOMING...... Galactic Greeblies from

Our mate Eli over at I SEE LEAD PEOPLE fame is on a bit of an alien rampage at the moment, with four new alien greeblies to populate your 'verse. Available from
L to R: SHM18 Horansi, SHM19 Burgansian,
SHM20 Vergan, SHM21 Fragalian

There's always room for more aliens - especially single miniatures like these who can be traders, spys, crooks, starship cooks or even just simply alien collateral damage in a street fight in Mudd Eisley.

All are priced at 0.40GBP each and are supplied as a one piece casting. You can find them plus the rest of the SHM range at

The SHM range was designed to allow aspiring designers to get their miniatures into moulds and made available to other gamers at no cost to themselves. A venture which I feel needs to be applauded and supported.



  1. These guys definitely scream crowded spaceport filler. Good find!

  2. The "Uhul" aren't bad either. Could work for either sci-fi or fantasy, and even as small primitives in 28mm scale.

  3. The bearded guy reminds me Jawa

  4. They were designed to be suitably generic, so you can use them as anything you mightr come up with. The one on the far left is kittedo ut like a merchant but couldb e a wise man, medic, whatever.

    The sitting guy is on a seat and though painted in a monochrome color by the studio artist, is wearing clothes.

    The tentacle guy is so neutral in his theme that he could be anything from a ship's captain to an ambasador to a street mime.

    The guy on the far right would work as a monk, street denizen, alien civilian, or Star Knight, or anythign that you see being hooded.


  5. The "dwarf" alien looks perfect as a Burer for my S.T.A.L.K.E.R project!

  6. yeah these are pretty cool, I need to get more aliens.

  7. No 2 - and an owl-man conversion and your a fair way to making yet another starship crew - Farscape!