Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today's Progress

Despite my drill bit snapping and going stright hrough the tip of my thumb, typically the only time I didn't wear a work glove, I've got the following ready for painting:
  • 1 squad of P.Pig Legionnaires (AK47 range), in standard helmets with green stuff visors
  • 2 squads of P.Pig Legionnaires (AK47 range) in mix of berets (with some further conversions) and CMG Light Recon helmeted heads. These guys are cool. I like them a lot.
  • 1 squad of CMG Light Recon in a mix of their own helmets and P.Pig separate Modern Legion berets.
  • 1 weapons squad of 2 combat droids with 'handler' and UAVs


This gives me a flexible transitional force,which can morph across tech levels as required. 

I still have the squad leaders to do (from AK47 Range Israelis) and maybe a Khurasan Federal Army Infantry Command Team (new shoulder plates from green stuff and/or Light Recon helmeted heads should do the trick).

I reached the great watershed this week of having to wear reading glasses to work on the figures and paint them. So am not sweating the small stuff anymore. Out of both necessity and practicality I'm painting for effect rather than detail now.



  1. yay! We Frecnh look so cool in uniform. What, the FFlegion aren't French? Damn

  2. Yes it's a milestone but not a good one.

  3. We have a saying up here "Being born in a barn doesn't make you a donkey". The Foreign Legion is very much part of the French armed forces and one of the most visible and respected symbols of C20th and later France within our community.

    And who is to say what the makeup of any foreign legion would be in the future. An economic meltdown may change everything. It may be open to 'economic conscripts' convicted striking lorry drivers - people wanting to win the right to a colonist patch on another world...


  4. One of the most painful injuries (hobby related) happened when my hand dremel bit snapped, slid off the figure I was drilling and sunk into my left thumb...that was a screecher! The most painful involved super glue and my eye, but that's a whole 'nother story...LOL!

    I'm looking forward to seeing these boys finished!

  5. I've always enjoyed AK47 rules and love 15mm Sci-fi so for a long time have thought thet Peter Pig would make a killing if they ever joined the two and produced a set of AK4700(AD) rules that deliver the fun of AK47 with a sci-fi twist.

    What do you think Mark?

  6. Hi Anon

    I agree. In fact messing around with these figures I am more than ever convinced that Martin is siting on an untapped goldmine.

    Many years ago I knocked up a house variant for AK4700AD.

    Martin's ability to produce packs in Firing, Moving poses, squad support, leaders and heavies/specials for each faction would be a winner.

    I would suggest not going mad with 53 packs of this or that - but to begin with small clearly defined forces 2 mid tech, 2 high tech plus aliens and droids. or to go RAFM ex-Traveller with similar character/themed packs as RAFM is out Pigging the Peter Pig I knew and loved.

    In Martin's shoes right now, I would look at capitalising on Force on Force and Tomorrow's wars sales.

    I would have 2 near future factions - one possibly american that can supplement the USMC. I would also have an alien force that would be able to engage Modern USMC (Battle LA style) and the Near Future troopers.

    These can still fight within a future AK47 contect against the regular AK47 Third Worlders. Think District 9 and sprinboard a more futuristic/sci fi range.

    But who am I? If I'd done the Sudan, Id have done the Suakin Expedition with Highlanders, Bengal lancers, Gurkhas etc eho could be used in India as well (doubling the potential interest) - doing 80 odd packs before the first highlander but having packs of British spies in arab dress (an arab then) killed me - from an efficiencies and maximising income perspective.

    But horses for courses. Let's just say I thin there's huge potential for a focussed approach which brings to the table several factions in recognisably different Tech levels with all the basic elements that we need to play platoon and larger level games on the table with a variety of rules.


  7. Absolutely what I meant...all the fun and freedom of the AK47 game play but in the sci-fi setting with the different tech levels adding to the existing AK47 trianing levels. But simplifying sci-fi to a manageable and enjoyable game.

    I also always rated Martin's oriental sci-fi figures - they form the core of my Imperial Japanese Urban Kombat Patrol (IJUKP) force. Foe me PP strated my foray into 15mm sci-fi in the first place.

    Paddy (and yes I am a follower but on the road at the moment...)

  8. Hi Paddy

    You can also play AK47 as a starship game - I'll blog about this tomorrow.

    Got to say that with the exception of the BOMAG drpship, the original Sci Fi range left me cold - but plenty of folks liked them.

    PP and especially Martin himself started my own foray into 15mm.


  9. I did something similar too when I was pinning some Locust Mechs, only I in this instance, I was not paying attention while I was slowly drilling a hole into one of the legs. I quickly paid attention when the bit broke though the leg and began to drill into my thumb. I actually had to back the drill up to get it out of my thumb. I love miniatures.