Thursday, 5 May 2011

ArtCrime Productions 15mm Infantry Base Inserts

Following on from my review of the ArtCrime Production 15mm Sci Fi Nationalist Infantry, I thought I'd write seperately about the metal base inserts that accompany the pack.

As you can see in the photo above, the Infantry packs are accompanied by 'slotta' plastic bases and a sprue of metal base inserts whihc feature various terrain items.

At first sight these are a cool concept and certainly make the ArtCrime infantry packs stand out from the rest of what's available on the market. I think the idea has merit, especially for signals, camp, street tech or objective markers of  alien terrain or discarded/HQ equipment.

As basic rocks and the odd fallen tree, I'm not so sure. The terrain is at the end of the day linear as you can see in the photo above, and I found, limits the placement of the infantry figures themselves. 

It does mean that the gamer doesnt have to fish around for terrain items in the garden/spares box or pop down/order tallus etc from a model shop. You open the packet and off you go.

Again, an interesting idea with a lot of potential but worth it for the additional cost to the miniature packs? As an old hand with my own basing conceits where I'll be discarding the plastic bases anyway - the answer has to be, no. I can however see that it offers kids, newbies and those who just want a simple and effective solution, something instant and different.



  1. Wouldn't using these as actual figure bases mean you're parking figures on top of the metal detail strip bits? Seems to kind of defeat the purpose of the detail strips...

    For objective markers or something, these might be useful, but as unit bases?

    (plus, I dislike oversize bases. Bases should be big enough to keep the figure from falling over, no bigger.)

  2. I'd prefer the bases were sold separately as I won't be using them. They will be welcome in the bits box though I suppose.

    I will be buying some of these troops plus some Valkyries for sure.

  3. I ain't feeling these.

    I am doing tiny bits that you add as you want them, for my large models. I do not see why people don't sculpt the cool stuff on a base.

    The cost in metal is only pennies to make an integral detailed base for each figure.

    But what the hell do I know?

  4. It would have nice potential for marching troops if the bases were to be used smallest side to the front.

    I suppose it's for structural integrity reasons that the strip hasn't been offset to one side to form either a firing line or backdrop to the miniatures themselves.

    Still i think i'll stick to the more traditional DIY basing :)

    Although to be fair it's hard to judge without seeing the model completed in full and painted up even if it is only a "base."

  5. I'm going to say no, it isn't worth the extra cost when the bases aren't likely to be used by most gamers. It would be great if these were available separately, especially if their basing system is key to their forthcoming rules.

    But for the rest of us who are working their minis into our existing collections and rules, this just seems to add cost. Their infantry cost is more than double what Micropanzer, Khurasan, Rebel, RAFM, and Blue Moon offer. And the Jet Bikes are just under twice GZG's retail.

    Maybe I'll change my mind when I see some painted examples, but right now these aren't at the top of my wishlist. Hopefully a few more reviews will convince them to remove the bases and offer "bare" packs.


  6. The decision to use a metal alloy that is just going to keep getting more expensive doesn't seem to be such a wise move either. The product line just seems too expensive for the niche crowd that is 15mm sci-fi. The PAs on the other had are quite lovely, and despite the price tag may be worth it (since their only real competition is the ludicrously expensive Heavy Gear line).

  7. A moment of honesty :) To be truthfull, the bases we have were by accident. :( So to make the best of a wierd situation (ie we were sent the wrong bases), we created the inserts. Yes the bases are intregal to our game, and after talking to my partners we may be able (and i hope able) to sell UK and european customers our figs without bases. The issue for us is that they are such a needed part of the game. As I know, most of you have your own favorite game/system and All have great points to them, Who knows maybe all this great feedback will help us make an even better product! Thank you all!


  8. I hope you will be able to sell without. I'll have to chime in and say that I am not a fan of these either. They limit where you can place minis on the base and are an uneeded expense.