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"Ambush Royale": Advanced Rules

Bond...using FORCE ON FORCE from Ambush Alley Games. Check out Ambush Royale in the panel to the right - our house adaptation for secret agent/spy and other pulp action cinema inspired games.


Wound Charts = With Medic for Named Characters; No Medic for Minions shot by other Minions

Wound Chart Effects for Named Characters (vs. Named / Minions)

  • Killed = 2 Wounds / Forced Back
  • Serious Wound = 1 Wound / Pinned
  • Light Wound = Pinned / Morale Check
  • OK = OK / OK

# Wounds = Character loses that number of wounds and makes Morale Check per description below

 Forced Back = Must retreat one move away from enemy and objective, or to the nearest cover away from enemy and objective, whichever is closer.  Character is now pinned

 Pinned = per normal rules

 Morale Check = rolls # of character’s wounds left with the characters Morale level for Morale check per normal rules

Wound Chart Effects for Minions vs. Minions is per normal rules.  Wounds caused from Named Characters is either killed or knocked out the Minions, either way the figure is removed from the game.


Named Character will have the same number of gadgets as Luck dice

Gadgets can be “traded” for other gimmicks at a 1:1 exchange


Trademark weapon – 
Named character has a short range (optimine range only) trademark weapon that he/she is very good at (007’s Walter PPK or Oddjob’s hat).  Named character gets a +1d attack at optimine range when using his/her trademark weapon.  When using a trademark weapon, if an attack roll is ½ or more “1’s”, the trademark weapon is lost for the rest of the scenario (out of ammo, damaged, knocked out of the character’s hands, etc.)

Trademark attack – 
Named character has a special hand to hand weapon or attack that he/she is very good at (Jaw’s steel teeth or knife in the shoe tip).  The Named character gets a +2d attack to one enemy with 1” or less of the figure.

Gadgets can be added to a trademark weapon or attack, if it makes sense – Oddjob’s hat could also have a concealable gadget attached to it making the first search attempted by someone on him automatically fail to notice the razor edge on the brim of the hat.


Main Named characters are assumed to know all of the skills needed for the scenario at his/hers Quality die type (007 can fly, swimming, disarm a bomb, shoot, drive, etc. at his Quality die) – Each player can only have one Main Named Character as part of their force

Supporting Named characters are all others and know the number of skills as their number of Luck dice at the Quality dice type level that is relevant to that characters background (The active female pilot that is tagging along with 007 has a Luck of 3, so the GM assigns her three skills to flying, navigation, and shooting).  Skills not listed for the supporting character is one die type less (The active female pilot is a d10 for flying, but a d8 for disarming the bomb)

Minions are assigned the # of skills ½ of the Quality dice or less that would be relevant to their role and do not know any other skills (A d6 uniformed policeman would have the skills of shooting, driving, and searching for example, where a customs agent would only have searching)


 Being undercover super spy means that the local police and soldiers don’t know that you really are a good guy and will also try to stop you.  As such, security forces will always attempt to arrest or shoot the closest dangerous suspect.  If 007 is shooting at a mad bomber with hidden bomb, and 007 is 12” away from a policeman and the bomber is 3” away from the policeman, the policeman will attempt to stop 007 first as he is shooting and the bomber appears to be unarmed (unless the policeman passes his search skill roll to notice the bomb)

Joe Collins & Dropship Horizon 2011

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