Friday, 13 May 2011

On me workbench


Well, I got my building and painting mojo back this week. So I thought you might like to hear what's kicking around my workbench.

The small change:
  • Sculpting a Harry Palmer (Michael Caine trademark) raincoat on a figure from The Scene.
  • Creating a 'Vasquez' from an OUDF SAW gunner and GZG head for Master Chef.
  • Ditto for myself: but the prettier 'Tequila' with Ponytail based on a Khurasan Fed Infantry SAW gunner. Head from The Scene female Zombie Hunter.
  • Khurasan Fed Female NCO in singlet & ponytail, firing pistol, as above
  • Khurasan Female Corporate Marine / Shephard – headswop as above.
  • Bagful of Xeno/Naga conversions
  • Re-basing RAFM ex-Citadel Traveller crew/mechanic types
These are the projects I have fun doing. I can pick them up as and when completing them in their own right or as a break from larger projects. We all need quick wins. Like my 15mm Bond character figure. Really pleased with him. A win.

Out of these mini-projects I finished rebasing the RAFM ex-Citadel Traveller crew/mechanics today - hoorah! Not a major victory but a win nevertheless.

So, what about my major project log? Sigh..... Weeeeell, it's a bit like that spaceship drive in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy whose operation was like paying the bill at an Italian Bistro. A swirling dance of menus, bill pads, wallets etc.

Safe to say that No.1 on the list are two Bullfrog Landers from Combat Wombat. The 'Frog' in the name is quite apt - watch out for it in upcoming blog entries.

These Landers are monstrostities and are a bit like that person you know you shouldn't fancy. You have an inkling that they're going to be fun. These Landers have a purpose. They have a mission. And with a fair wind I'll have them done in a few days.

By which time the troops they are destined to carry will have arrived. Oorah!

Not read this far because there are no pictures? Shame on you. Speaking of Oorah! Or should that be Hooyah! Clue? Sir! No Sir! I have two EXCLUSIVES from Khurasan Miniatures to share with you this weekend.


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  1. That Bullfrog is pretty cool!

    Reminds me of the lander craft from the show Space: Above and Beyond