Sunday 15 May 2011

IN THE PIPE: Khurasan Federal Navy Special Warfare (SPAR) team

The term 'Elite' in tabletop Sci Fi usually conjusts up one of two images. At one extreme it's shredded t-shirts, berets and bulging biceps . whilst at the other it's jump packs, shoulder pads and metal flares.

Not any more...

A couple of weeks before the whole Bin Lardy thing, Jon at Khurasan approached me with the idea of some Recon for his highly successful Federal Infantry range.

To me, Recon only has one connotation. Marine Recon. And let's face it Gunny if you are doing Marine Recon, why don't we go the whole hog. Hooyah!

We wanted something that was different but real. Figures that could be used in Force on Force as bleeding edge Future Warriors of 5 years time plus of course equally at home in the far future of Tomorrows War, FAD, FUBAR, Gruntz etc.

It was a dream opportunity. I gave Jon helmet designs and stipulated that the minis should tell a story, not random poses but a team that could be 'stacked'. 

A couple of weeks later, Bin Lardy-dardy-dah all over the news and Jon sent me the first photo of the master figures. Ok, hands up - I'm biased. But the minis in the photo makes me proud. I tell you, I'm having these minis on me at my viking funeral, to game with in Valhalla.

Jon wants to go for the big reveal, so sorry no photos (just yet). However I can exclusively and genuinely proudly, introduce you to the Federal Navy Special Warfare (SPAR) team.
The SPAR team consists of  four different 'stackable' operators armed with special .50 SMGs with integral grenade launcher (as seen on the Khurasan Corporate Marine officer ). Two different snipers (with anti-material rifle and with anti-personnel rifle), and one operator with FAW (thermobaric flame assault weapon). SPAR operators use a special lighter body armour and the ARC (augmented reality - combat) helmet.
The Federal Navy Special Warfare (SPAR) team will be released along with the Federal Infantry Mortar team above will be released at the same time as the drone and operator, the army casualty and medics diorama, the DIMOG 3 "Berserker" and Hercules civilian loader (both are conversion sets for the basic DIMOG) announced on Dropship Horizon on Saturday.

Naturally I'll keep you updated with intel as soon as it is released.



  1. "Federal Navy Special Warfare (SPAR) team."

    Holy Bin Laden's Porn-stash Batman!

  2. Ha ha anon, actually these were made months before that! They were even planned all along as Federal Navy troops, to go with the upcoming cormorant dropship.

  3. Months is an understatement. I recall them being mentioned on here almost year ago. :D I thought .50cal SMGs was overkill. Then I learned that there is no such thing as overkill, only "Fire" and "Reload"

  4. A really, really, great news !!!