Sunday 1 May 2011

Khurasan's Control Battalion

A brilliant bank holiday weekend has allowed me to make the most of the garden and break the winter's ennui. I prepped several sets of Sci Fi minis to paint and took the opportunity to give them a quick ink to photo them for the blog. First up Jon's Control Battalion troops (TTC-1902 and TTC-1903).

The Control Battalion are surprisingly good in the flesh - lots of detail that pops out and will give excellent results even with a basic paint job set off by a wash.

Their helmet/mask are remininiscent of current Russian Maska helmets issued to special forces and OMON and SOBR para-military police commando units. Plus of course, there's a nod to the Weyland-Yutani Bio-Warfare Division troops in ALIENS 3.

I see the Control Battalion useful as either Sci Fi para-military police (especially TTC-1903) in a blue/grey-white scheme, as urban assault troops or industrial/mining world rebels.


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