Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Basing with Washes

My faux pas yesterday on the left (Ogryn Flesh) and what I was aiming for on the right (Gryphone Sepia). Figures are Rebel Minis' Earth Force Marines originally from Master Chef's collection.

Both are how they look after I applied the wash. No other drybrushing etc has been done at this point. The bases are 40mm round (2mm deep) MDF from Warbases.co.uk.

We use these larger bases for both Future War Commander and ASQL2. If you like the ground effect (even if not the colours),you can create it simply yourself.

I will either mix 1: PVA to 2: Multi-purpose (ready mixed) Polyfilla (spackle in the US) or slap on the PVA and apply the Polyfilla over the top, allowing it to mix togrther. I apply the Polyfilla with a stirring stick from Costa's. Starbucks have thinner cofee stirrers that are thinner and better for making wooden structures, fences etc.

In normal NE Scotland temperatures and humidity I give it a couple of minutes to start setting and then use a cocktail stick to 'flick' up the Polyfilla into peaks. Creating a very 'other worldly' effect.

The darker 'pools' of wash you see are going to be turned into yellow or green acid pools using layers of OOP GW inks. Once again, just to make these a little more different than grass and rocks.



  1. Poses look rather samey....

  2. Alas I didn't sculpt them myself. This is the selection to work from:


    Other bases have the support weapons mixed in:


    When the Earth Force Marines were released in 2009 they were a viable challenge to the then status quo, and I still like them.